Bodi Wisdom ~ Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit


Wellness is a continuous process of improving and maintaining health. This is accomplished by constantly working to achieve a sense of balance between our physical, spiritual, emotional and mental forms.

When you step into our studio, know that you can stop, take a deep breath, and just be present.  Let go of all your to-do lists and obligations for the time you are here.  Soak in the vibration of peacefulness, surround yourself with the sounds of music that are healing and the healing energy of Shere as Intuitive healer as you are rejuvenated.  What a gift you are giving yourself for it is the difference it can make to the rest of your day, your week and your life!

                        Services offered are:
       ~ Energy Work   ~ Foot Reflexology  
                       ~Chakra Balancing 

                 ~ Massage   ~ Yoga  ~Meditation  
        ~Intuitive Counseling
 ~ Workshops


Bodi Wisdom  is within Acupuncture Associates Suite 100
4801 Hargrove Road Raleigh, NC  27616

to book your appt on line and to see real client reviews please click here:   

Important information

print out, fill out and bring to the office massage intake form (and yoga if it applies) that you will find on this website.  If you cannot bring intake form with you, arrive 15 minutes before scheduled time so as not to feel rushed and allow time to drink, use the restroom, and to fill out paperwork.  

2.  arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time so that we start at your scheduled appt time. 

3. online booking is only good for atleast 24 hours in advance.  So if you are looking for same day, please call as there just might be a slot open that would not show up for you on the schedule.

4.  You will see a timer in the upper corner
of the scheduling page that allows you to change your appointment within a certain amount of time.  After that time expires you will have to call me to CANCEL AN APPT. YOU HAVE SCHEDULED.  You may email me or call me, but do not assume you are canceled until you get a confirmation from me.  I do expect the courtesy of 24 hours notice otherwise there will be a charge of $25.

5.  Below are my typical hours of scheduling.

             Mon. 10. - 8pm. (I can start earlier; don't hesitate to ask)
            Wed. & Thurs. 8:30am. - 2pm.
          Fri. 2pm. - 8pm.
             Sat. 2pm. - 5:30pm. (later appts by request)

Forms of payment: Cash, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Debit