1100 Logger Court  

Bldg H-102 

Raleigh, No. Carolina  27609


Office access is on 2nd floor

outside stairs only

Tel: 919-538-7470

By Appointment Only

Monday - Friday

9am - 6pm

Saturday/Sunday workshops

Shere Carinci, MSC

© 1995 by Shere Carinci 


Soul Coaching for self mastery

One-on-one with Shere Carinci - Skype - Group and Couples



Helping people:

wake up to  your power & intuition

Live Life beyond your history

Hold all as sacred

Live beyond any 12 step


Be free from shame & guilt

live free from pain & other low vibration

All is Sacred - Spiritual Counseling

Formal studies in Ministerial School were grounded in an "all inclusive" philosophy  through the studies of all the major faiths &  traditions while the Spiritual Counseling aspect of the program was spiritual regardless of ones faith and religion. The focus was on common values of compassion, love, peace, understanding and tolerance.  My approach is to weave in your spiritual beliefs; and if you have beliefs that no longer serve you, meaning they are small and have been handed down by ancestors, to find the spiritual beliefs that create harmony for you. Alignment with your core spiritual beliefs are an integral part of the holistic approach to my coaching.


Science of Mind Practioner - Philosophical , Science & Metaphysical A Powerful learning journey  began when tragedy entered her world and .................an old story was rewritten in her memory cells.  This led her to learning and experiencing the Power of The Mind; which led to her becoming a SOM Practitioner.  Offered in coaching.


Law of Attraction -  Your outer world is a direct reflection of the inner state of your Mind and Emotions.  Exercising change must be done from the theta state, this is why visualization and hynosis works.  Yes I do offer this in my coaching.


Contemplation, Stillness, Meditation  Years of practice with Meditation in various forms and  with great teachers & techniques in  Zen, Vipassana and Mindfulness. Instruction is offered when I coach you also in the Womens Workshops.  


12 step Recovery Yoga Instructor - Groups offered throughout the year, some ongoing others are workshops.  Issues live in our tissues, private yoga (as an add on to therapy only) is offered to move the issues from the tissues.  Please inquire about this.

Energy Healing  Bodywork practice has been at the forefront since 1992.   Years of working with clients at an energetic level in addition to physical has brought the most healing and transformation.  Chakra and Energy healing work is also offered as a form of balancing.


looking forward to walking with you on your own journey of enlightenment.

If you would like to change your beliefs, live from a higher more authentic place, then I invite you to a free 15 min session to see if being in her presence uplifts you - if it does your working together can only enhance and bring out all that you are purposefully meant to be.   

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