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Shere Carinci, MSC

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Our repetitive thoughts turn into words, that turn into beliefs and then get submerged into the unconscious mind.  What we see with our eyes are the outcome of our strongest beliefs.  Remember its not only beliefs but also actions we have learned.  When a belief/action/state of being has such a strong hold on us it becomes so automatic that it can afford to go underground, into the unconscious, where "we"  forget its running our life.  We become accepting...............I choose to see it as hypnotic.  Either way its a robotic way of seeing and living  from this view  because it has been our life for such a long time and we are in agreement with it.  Just because its been the life you have been living up til now, does not mean it has to be so, or that it is your truth, or destiny.  I want you to understand  that your life is not static.


Your life is changing and becoming and morphing into what your vibration will allow it to be.  The question is, do you want to allow for more? 


More joyful living and vitality of life is what I aim to teach through my coaching  based on Law of Attraction Principles .  You are meant to be the best version of yourself and if you are not, together we will uncover the beliefs that have gone underground and pull them up as the weeds they are and replace them with the seeds that  will empower you, transform your mind, your energy, and your life.


You must take the first step.  I am waiting for you.  I want you to BE bold!!!  To book an appt with me.  To set up a 15 minute free session to get over the hurdle.  Click here NOW

When we are in alignment we begin choosing to love and honor ourselves so much so that we create and sustain the positive changes we desire.  Our self gets lifted to a higher vibration, that connects with our Soul and leads us to better choices.  If you are not experiencing what you want in your life;  feeling angry, hatred, negative emotion, finding you are pinching yourself off from the fullness of  all you can be then you need a big vibrational attunement. 


It's not going to happen in 1 session - but what will happen in 1 session is that you will feel a shift and a desire to experience MORE.  That more, is your soul's light and it wants to express itself in your body, in your unique way and is always excited when you give it your attention.  I promise this......that  when you ride the rocket of desire  that the source within you is riding you will feel energized, passionate, alive, happy, inspired,  full of vitality and in love with life.  

Coaching with me is process oriented,  and during your journey I will support you in identifying your emotional states that you are living which indicate your relationship between who life has caused you to become and who you can be by what you are giving your attention to.  You will become more aligned with your soul's desire to consciously create and live an inspired life.     As long as you are open and willing to receive guidance, work the tools I share with you - you will  gain the  clarity you need to identify and align with your heart's desires.  At times you will be PUSHING AND BIRTHING through misguided perceptions, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you, but eventually living from a newly inspired you.   

You have a choice.  You can be driven by the outside circumstances - the idea of controlling circumstances that come to all of us in life - is exhausting!  Or you can be internally guided by the intuition that is your birth right.  Which is it. 


I get that calling me is the first vulnerable step you need to make.  I get that you probably have difficulty asking for help, or that help in the way of counseling never worked.  This is different.  I am different.  I live and breath from my connected self.  Just being in my presence will help you know/see/feel that it is possible for you. 


Let the sweet spot of stepping into your vulnerability give you the courage to make that free 15 minute appointment with me - or if that courage is full blown make the appointment for first coaching session




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