1100 Logger Court  

Bldg H-102 

Raleigh, No. Carolina  27609


Office access is on 2nd floor

outside stairs only

Tel: 919-538-7470

By Appointment Only

Monday - Friday

9am - 6pm

Saturday/Sunday workshops

Shere Carinci, MSC

© 1995 by Shere Carinci 


Let's connect!

This is a 15 minute FREE consultation done over the phone , skype or video chat........ to see if we are a good fit.  I can see you at the office if I am going to be there when you schedule. If you don't want to chat and would prefer to write, contact me on contact page and we will communicate thru email. 

Coaching  60/90 min

$50/$65 This time is experiential, always unfolding, deepening and revealing who you are

Other services listed when you hit "book now"

coaching services

First coaching visit

First time visit is required; sometimes this is all someone needs; clarity, direction, insight & someone to reflect back to them what their intuition has been telling them all along.  If its a starting place, then we come up with an intuitively guided plan for the sessions to follow in which you will then choose 60/90 minute sessions. 


for long distance

this is offered to those that just don't have the time to come to the office; or live  at a distance,  4 phone/video calls and unlimited emails. Monthly commitment

Couples Coaching

It is truly a balancing act; loving our partner is one thing, another is to feel supported, nurtured and uplifted.  $90 minutes $95

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