1100 Logger Court  

Bldg H-102 

Raleigh, No. Carolina  27609


Office access is on 2nd floor

outside stairs only

Shere Carinci, MSC

Tel: 919-538-7470

By Appointment Only

Monday - Friday

9am - 6pm

Saturday/Sunday workshops

© 1995 by Shere Carinci 


Mindfulness Meditation

One hour long - to be announced at a later date, so please let me know your interest and day/nite times it works for you. This can also be offered as a 4-6 hour workshop on the weekend

I am sure you have heard of many general benefits of meditation, such as relaxation, sharpening your awareness, releasing painful mental habits. Some other less known benefits from mindfulness meditation would be that your cellular activity all over the body slows down.  Increased relaxation permits increased flow of the blood to the muscles, decreasing the heart's workload.  Reduction in blood chemicals associated with tension and anxiety facilitates a sense of increased ease.  Finally the cells of the brain fire in a synchronous manner which fosters integrative functioning between lower and higher brain centers and between left and right hemispheres.

What I hope to give you is a practice that will support a home practice, breathing styles, focus techniques, visualization exercises all to assist you in deepening your understanding and experience of meditation.  Show up when you can, the only commitment is to yourself.    

Location is at Bodi Wisdom Holistic Center

1100 Logger Court Bldg H Suite 102

Raleigh, NC 27609

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