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Hypnosis Facts

December 2, 2015




 Let’s take treating addictions. Most treatment facilities and plans have a very low success rate. This is because they are treating a very complex issue with band-aids. They are treating addictions by only reaching the conscious mind, which comprises 10% of the individual’s total being. When we put someone into “a state of hypnosis” we now have the potential of going into the other 90% of the mind, the subconscious, to discover and treat the underlying addictive pattern. It is where all of your memories are stored as images. When Shere is working with a client and addictive patterns, it is an on-going process of communicating in a subtle and different way with the body.  Its a fact, what we tell our body influences how the immune system works.  So take the above example and add depression, powerlessness or resentment to the equation and the immune system really gets compromised.  As it receives a message of "giving up" you may experience powerful physical symptoms --like pain and fatigue.  So from a holistic perspective when someone comes to me for bodywork, the pain and fatigue is addressed first, and then the layers get peeled away as the integrated system of the "whole" reveals itself to you and me.  This is also how a person may first experience bodywork and then move on to energywork where we do the visualization needed to begin the reprogramming of the unconscious mind.
Guided Imagery is many times inter-connected to a intuitive coaching session when we uncover repressed emotions, then this form of hypnotherapy I use is a powerful way to help you communicate and visualize  changes in your thinking and feeling. Once you are truly present with your own feelings , you feel heard.  Feeling truly heard enables you to let go and move on and give your body messages of empowerment and the motivation to heal.  In the relaxed state of hypnosis and guided imagery, you are more receptive to new ideas and thought patterns. You are able to release negativity and move forward with greater clarity and calm--setting the stage in your body for deep healing.




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