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Healing Crisis after receiving bodywork



FIRST OFF, WHAT IS IT AND WHY DOES IT HAPPEN - A healing crisis is a reaction to previously sequestered toxins being systemically released.  Such poisons can be stored in all kinds of tissues, primarily muscle, fascia and adipose.  During manipulation, whether its deep tissue or energy work, these poisons are released into the bloodstream.  The increase in blood toxicity causes a toxicity reaction, until the body is able to process & eliminate.  While not a pleasant experience, it does signify that a cleansing and purification process is underway.  Here are some reaction symptoms most often experienced after bodywork: Dizzyness light-headedness- fatigue - nausea/vomiting - low grade fever - joint and muscle aches -

odd or metalic taste in mouth - muscle cramps - skin eruptions - intense emotional states - increased sweating, urination or defecation.


HOW TO PREVENT/MINIMIZE ITS COURSE - Hydration - drinking plenty of extra water aids the body in eliminating toxins through urination and sweating. FIBER - increasing dietary fiber will support the gastrointestinal system's removal of waste through the bowels.  SLEEP - Feelings of fatigue and being sleepy after bodywork is best honored by getting the rest the body needs for recovery.


EMOTIONAL RELEASES -  Whenever a trauma or highly charged emotional situation happens to a person it is stored in the nervous system. Though you might think you are over it, if while receiving massage either during or after it, you get angry, sad, experience grief or any other emotion, this release is indicative of a healthful body release which can lead to transformation.  When feelings are suppressed  they go into the physical body. An example; tensing of the neck muscles can prohibit frowning, holding ones breath can replace crying and clenching may stifle yelling.  When these patterns are repeated, emotional suppression becomes a habit, the unconscious mind takes over, and the body becomes a storehouse for unexpected, unconscious feeling.  Suppressed emotions and traumas are a key factor in the development of muscular tension, high blood pressure, heart disease, immune weakness and other diseases.  


Healing, that is REAL healing begins when suppression is released, freeing the body to heal at its deepest level.  As a Spiritual Counselor, I have the experience and training to guide you gently and with a holistic approach; deepening your self awareness as you heal and move through old wounds and patterns; releasing into greater acceptance and love.



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