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Cultivating Awareness to Claim Your Power

June 15, 2016





This is my birthday month and each year I have an opportunity to witness how on target I am with my soul's journey. So how do I know.  Well for many years I did not know, but what I can say in hindsight, is that EVERYTHING I felt called to do, no matter how short or long, was awakening within me the memory of that contract I had before coming into this world.  Sure I struggled with "going along with the norm" to fit in and pay the bills, to be a responsible adult/parent.  I also found in my heart emptiness and a sense "that something was missing".  But I was drawn MORE to allowing Spirit to be in charge instead of my personality self.  So many times, my external world looked like I was failing by other people's standards.  I sometimes struggled with this too.  But on this birthday, I no longer hunger for the energy of my soul - because I AM connected.  It is one of my soul's gifts that I work with others who are not yet purposefully empowered and filled up by their soul.  With my coaching services I will lead you to a relationship with your soul so that the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing, and engaged in activities and actions that are gratifying and on purpose for yourself and for others.  So let me ask you, are you sweetly satisfied in your life and your work, then you are meant to be doing what you are doing.  This does not mean that you cannot cultivate greater awareness and take your love of what you do out in a bigger way in the world.  If this is not the case, your personality is simply accomplishing goals and sooner rather than later, those goals will not be enough.  It's not only about the right job, there are interactions with parents, intimate partners and others who bring out in you pain and suffering and this disappointment and distress can lead to addictions and other pitfalls that each are a doorway to awareness. There is opportunity everywhere, some challenge and some fear.  My door is open if you find the courage to learn and evolve.  Blessings!

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