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Spiritual Withering or Numbness

July 17, 2016


What is it when we feel disconnected from Source, from our self and our world,  withering and dying inside - as if experiencing a sense of spiritual deadening or numbness - but can't figure out what's wrong?  It may just be that you have outgrown your core beliefs about God.  Everyone has a God-Box - even an atheist.  When you have outgrown your core beliefs you are left feeling dis-empowered.  If one is to grow spiritually, your concepts of God must mature with you.  Entanglement of beliefs such as "you are born sinful or powerless" or "only God or the Universe has the power to fix or change us" or better yet "nothing happens to us except through the will of God" -  are poisonous tentacles that twist around our concept of God and these roots slowly strangle our relationship with God.  Life is NOT a series of punishments or rewards from God - but if our life reflects these beliefs then we have built a very unhealthy but solid God-box - which only sets us up in greater despair and fear and stronger feelings of numbness.  So how do you get out of your God-box?  Begin to recognize and change your language which says "I can't, "I should or should not do something." If you have been taught to not question, maybe it is time to evaluate and express thoughts and feelings appropriately. If you have used religious rules and rituals as a substitute for making choices, you might want to reclaim choice and responsibility for yourself.  These new changes will lead you to know that God has always been in your life, that as you shift negative thoughts/words and deeds with positive ones; you are lifting your vibration to recognize God in the ordinary places in your life.  All changes make movement and therefore ripple in our lives in ways that are small and huge.  These changes could lead you to a new relationship, a new geographical location, a practical move or a theological move.  When you recognize the spiritual power in all your moves, you are moving closer to God.  Like any other relationship, your relationship with God  is a process that widens and deepens the more you move with it.  I am here for you as a guide in your discovery - your journey to witness your dance with God in joyful times, quiet reflective times and times when you might be frightened or confused or disconnected.  If you currently are a bodywork client of mine I have a special rate for spiritual counseling and holistic coaching.

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