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November 30, 2017

Times are changing and I love it.  We as women require and need a different approach to recovery.   The traditional 12 step programs statistically have not been successful in recovery for women.  It has been shown that in order for women to gain and maintain sobriety and embrace positive lifestyle changes they must be encouraged emotionally and spiritually.  I have created a platform in which women will prosper in her journey whether she is just beginning or has been traveling alone or in and out of recovery groups.    This will be an environment where it will feel great to be  free from stigma & labels.  Instead we will feel the freedom and sweetness of being ourselves.  Offered will be a combination of the sacred arts that relate to body, mind, emotion and spirit to assist us in our walk in a deeper truth of who we are.  This will be a sacred space of women, who will build a a new relationship to self and to others - as a practice, a privilege and a portal.  We as women are different.  We need nurturing, acceptance, kindness and compassion.  We do not need to be reminded of the harm we have done to ourselves and others.  We also do not need to be standing up at meetings identifying ourselves as "I am an"  addict of _______ or alcoholic.   We are human but we are not victims of anything unless we choose to be.  Stand with me in  your power,  beauty,  self-inquiry,   karmic understanding, forgiveness and responsibility. 

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