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What is Important to us..leaving the rest

October 28, 2018

This 7 week workshop will focus on


the venus retrograde season, where we are being asked to turn our attention inward, which will in turn make the outer work easy to manifest, once venus turns direct.  If we do not take this time to reach a deeper understanding of our relationships and the karmic ties, to honestly look at our relationships to self, money, business, relationship to others, we will indeed take it all with us when venus goes direct.  My plan is to make this workshop an embodied experience so that our cells get what we are waking up to.  Using the chakras  will be like a body ritual that will assist us in awakening to whom and what we have love for, and to clear out the rest.  Though this is a group environment, I understand the need for privacy so many of the exercises will be done through visualization, contemplation and meditation, where you will be the only one listening for clues gaining deeper honesty & understanding of feelings, choices and beliefs that have brought you to this time in your life.  Some of those exercises will be for greater clarity in emotional stability,  any unfinished business, and  stuff from the past that you may need to walk away from.  Again, this is just working with clearing from the inside so that you have a sense of balance, liberation, freedom from being stuck, or at least to be able to choose a different pattern or way for yourself.  Anything in your lives; people and situations that don't feel good, or make you feel imprisoned, is most likely something that you need greater understanding on so that you will be shown different paths and choices.  Some of the other things we will explore are our relationship with money, finances and what we value; what has meaning for us right now as self worth, self love and self honor  - as they all reflect abundance or lack of it.  The Universe wants us to have an experience of greatness and Scorpio the great transformer with the mix of Venus - our feminine side - are both


 on our side to dig through the fears/the shadow side of ourselves in all things that  matters.  So if you want to explore, dig deep to bring up all that is standing in your way of the experiences you want to have, join me for the  7 weeks.  This is to be held in the future - so if you are interested, please let me know.

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What is Important to us..leaving the rest

October 28, 2018

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