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              WOMEN - LIVING IN VIBRATIONAL INTEGRITY                                                                          February 24th - March 30th  

                                       6 week commitment - pay at checkout $72

                                        Monday evenings 7:00pm - 8:30pm

                                        Reservations required - limited to 8 

WHO IS THIS FOR:  This ongoing 6 week at a time is for all women knowing their worth yet sometimes may not be in alignment with the desires they wish to create for themselves.  It is one thing to want a healthy environment and another when the environment we are in relative to work, relationship or to our bodies resembles nothing close to healthy!! 

WHY SIX WEEKS:  This weekly group will be on-going with a minimum commitment of 6 weeks, giving you enough time to put into practice what you have learned.  This means its up to you to make YOU a commitment and a priority in your life, and you get the option to renew that commitment every 6 weeks.  Each 6 weeks will start anew, with new material and unfold according to the group dynamics.  My hope is that from the very first night your experience will give you reason to make YOU and the practice of showing up the next best habit you can create!!!   


WHAT WILL YOU RECEIVE:  This environment is  nurturing & supportive, with plenty of opportunities to bursts open any limiting beliefs & toxicity of anger, blame, victim-hood, self-sabotage, shame, self-criticism, worry &  angst,  leading you to an opportunity to rewire your brain with visualizations that enhance the you that you are most desiring!   When you rewire your brain you see things differently and surrender into new possibilities.    In these weeks you will rewire your subtle energetic system of the chakras, open up the 3rd eye for intuition, build a sustainable practice of simple yoga, meditation for clarity, self awareness, self care time  & an inner sense of peace. 


WHAT IF I DON'T DO YOGA:  There will be at least 3 yin poses  to assist in detoxification - emotionally, physically and mentally.  These poses can be done by everyone, and as we age the consistent practice of slow and held poses helps us to regain mobility and ease pain.


WHAT IF I DON'T LIKE TO TALK:  Sharing is optionally encouraged.  There will be other types of mental and writing exercises to enhance and tap into your inner wisdom. It is my hope that this will instill in each women the importance of her intuition and not to dismiss it as so often we do in relationship to others.  There will be journaling with a purpose. Some of the themes in past workshops have been: "What is it you want to perpetuate in life?"   "visualizing how you want to see yourself so as to manifest the new you."   You shall have the guidance of me as the facilitator who will be the keeper of safe space, and ongoing encouragement, uncovering your strengths and gifts, supporting  each of you to live by these strengths and gifts. 


WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE:  This weekly practice will help cultivate your inner life in a consistent and deliberate way - through disciplined practice so that you become more aligned & are living your lives with intention and from integrity.  You will leave with a bunch of tools to use to keep checking in with yourself as it is an on-going process. 


LASTLY:  In this winter season, when it is natural for stillness, it is my hope that you will give  yourself this time in support of this  womens group if it calls to you.  If there is resistance, recognize it, and choose anyway.  Don't be alone, come join us.

As a Spiritual Life Coach, my work in holistically based.  As a trained yoga therapist and a trained facilitator in 12 step addiction recovery I will teach in an experiential way using yoga, energy medicine, mindfulness practices, meditation and visualization all imperative to knowing the spiritual components of life in a real sense.  As a holistic coach it is my hope that a 90 minute group session once a week will engage you, fill you up and deeply touch you to want more and keep coming back.

You will want to be in yoga or comfortable relaxed clothing that allows you to stretch.  Water for hydration. Click the pink button below to sign up

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