1100 Logger Court  

Bldg H-102 

Raleigh, No. Carolina  27609


Office access is on 2nd floor

outside stairs only

Shere Carinci, MSC

Tel: 919-538-7470

By Appointment Only

Monday - Friday

9am - 6pm

Saturday/Sunday workshops

© 1995 by Shere Carinci 


Yin Yoga Workshop

March 17th Saturday

12noon - 2pm  $25

Class is limited to 8 so signing up is imperative. Link will be below.  This is for all levels.  The poses will be approached like meditative postures, so this is great for people who want to create the skill of a quiet reflective mind.  We will keep the mind alert and present so as to cultivate mindfulness.  We will embrace the sensations in the poses stretching to a sustainable edge.  Yin Yoga draws upon the ancient wisdom of chinese medicine so we will use the stretches to stimulate the movement of chi along the body's energy meridians.  Bring your yoga mat.

Sign up here

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